You’ve studied hard, passed your exams with ease and now you’re looking for a place to go where you can purge yourself of those memories of tax law and economic principles, preferably with a pint of vodka in hand. Here’s five places to go that guarantee a good night and a bad hangover.
Ios, Greece.

party-europe-greeceActually I’m not the best one to write about Ios, my one abiding memory is waking up with half my body hanging out of the tent and my brain in smidereens, but my god what craic. It’s hardly a secret at this stage and Ios has a reputation for hedonism for good reason. Spend the morning on the beach burning off your hangover before a hearty breakfast of cocktails in 2 litre jugs. Good intentions obliterated, the day just gets better from then on. Can’t recommend this place highly enough.
Prague, Czech Republic.

foto-clubShooting ranges, strip clubs, questionable eastern European fashion choices, Prague has a lot to offer. Home to the largest nightclub in Central Europe as well as a host of smaller spots, the city stays awake all night and there’s always somewhere to go even in the smallest hours of the morning. Although not as cheap as it was ten years ago, a night out in Prague will still cost you substantially less than it would at home. If you’d like to mix a little culture with your drinking, a beer tour is a good option. An added bonus in Prague, it is home to the largest collection of 1980’s hairstyles in Europe.
Krakow, Poland.

Irish-fans-enjoy-the-atmosphere-as-they-wait-for-the-UEFA-European-Championships-to-start-in-Krakow-Poland.-Pic-by-Owen-Humphreys-PAHome to the second largest collection of 1980’s hairstyles in Europe, Krakow was once a well kept secret among those looking for a party city. Now it is firmly established as one of the top destinations for stag parties and anyone else on the lookout for some mischief. If you’re missing your Tayto or Bulmers there are a few Irish bars scattered around the city but if you’d rather not hear about the awful batings that went on in the minor final then head to the old town. A heady mix of cocktail bars and down and dirty boozers offer ample opportunity for divilment.
Belgrade, Serbia.

belgrade-boat-carnevalNot the first name that springs to mind when you think of European hotspots but in recent years Belgrade has come into its own as one of the best spots in Europe for a debauch. Everyone is beautiful and the drink is cheap, the guys with Mr. T gold chains are being ironic (I think) and the night time scene will destroy you, in a good way. The barges anchored on the Danube contain some of the best clubs in Europe and they regularly play host to local and international DJs in all night sessions that will make you love this city.
Berlin, Germany.

99a3787238a5b0237f7b94d75ff0879d-115640243-1301533230-4d93d22e-620x348An obvious choice maybe but obvious for a reason. 24 hour bars, some of the most exclusive clubs in the world, some of the most beautiful people in the world and my god the U Bahn is a lovely train. I found myself on the street at four in the morning being offered speed and when I refused the charming salesman invited me to his ballet recital the next day. Ah Berlin. If you havn’t been then go.

Eoin Blackbyrne