Student accommodation in Dublin is at an all-time low and with a record number of students rocking up to Dublin this college season, certain university administrations have begun to advise students to book rooms in hostels if necessary…

We’ve had our thinking caps on here in the Oxygen offices and have come  up with some possible alternatives


5. Japanese Style Pod Hotel

If they opened a few of these places around the city exclusively for students at dirt cheap rates, it’d be a great solution to the problem. Might not suit those who are particular about having a bit of privacy, but for those many students with no shame, seems like a no-brainer. This lad is clearly enjoying himself anyway…

Japanese Style Hotel


4. Caravan Club

It would be like a slightly more civilised version of a music festival, except that you may have to shit into a bucket and the only way you’re having a shower is with your gym membership, but imagine the sing songs by the campfire, belting out hits from The Corrs as you roast marshmallows – sounds like heaven on Earth. And if we’ve learned anything from The Inbetweeners it’s that “first rule of Caravan Club is that everyone gets some…”

Caravan Site


3. Industrial Wheelie Bins

We’re not suggesting that you sleep in amongst the bin bags, we’re talking state of the art bin renovations here, fully equipped with a toilet and cooker. Again you’d have to rely on the gym membership for the showering amenities, but imagine how slick it would be bringing someone back to your lovely abode at the end of a night out.

Dumpster Living


2. NapCabs

Working off the assumption that students stay up all-night drinking and don’t need that much sleep anyway as long as they have Red Bull and Coffee, NapCabs could possibly be the way forward. Becoming more and more popular in Airports worldwide, NapCabs work just like vending machines – you pop in some coins and you can go inside and rest up for awhile. The idea certainly has potential.



1. The Stacks

Renovated Shipping Containers seem to be all the rage nowadays. Not only does it look bad ass from the outside, but also offers a decent amount of privacy. If Universities had their head screwed on right, they’d be throwing these babies up in forgotten about corners of campus and giving students an affordable and quirky living choice.

Shipping Containers