The new year brings a fresh breath of air into our lives as the truly terrible year that was 2016 has finally passed. It’s a good idea to think of the fashion and beauty world as a form of escapism from the harsh reality- and more than once did I open my Vogue this year to lower my blood pressure after reading an article on Trump. Never fear! Pretty makeup and overpriced clothes are always here.

2016 saw an overload of highlighting, baking, leather jackets and crochet bralettes. Many trends come and go every few seasons and there’s very little that actually stays longer than a few seasons. Here’s a run down of the things we’ll be wearing and smudging on our faces in the coming year.

No Makeup Makeup Looks:

Fresh, dewy skin is not a rare sight on catwalks anymore- designer after designer has embraced the natural skin trend. We’ve seen Kim K sitting in the front row at shows or graced magazine covers with no foundation, Alecia Keys ditching product altogether and models strutting runways with bare faces. Leave your full coverage foundation, lashings of concealer and layers of powder aside- let your skin breathe. A little concealer and some cream blush is all you need for a natural, effortless look that enhances your best features.

Plaits have become another firm favourite in the recent years. It suits those of us who don’t have the time to wash and style our hair everyday, as it’s quick and reliable. If you haven’t yet mastered the fishtail or French braid, now is the time to do so- Youtube is flooded with tutorials which are clear and straightforward. A couple of nights later and you’ll become a pro- remember, practise makes perfect!


I’ve noticed a lot more makeup gurus turn to glitter to add a little dazzle at the end of their tutorials, as they sweep shimmery highlighter over their cheekbones. Glitter has left festival attire and now made its way into the every day makeup world, first making its debut with its cousin the highlighter and later as itself on the eyelid as a pop of colour. Now, glitter has transitioned on to ‘glitter tears’, which are a V-shape made underneath the eye, as the wearer is so fabulous they cry glitter. It has also been applied instead of highlighter on the cheek- a brave, strong look, but if you do venture out with glitter as your highlighter, you’ve automatically won at life.


If there’s a trend to be noticed here, it’s that 2017 seems to be the year of fast, easy fashion which is pulled together in seconds and not spent hours being planned, or in some cases, squeezed into. Sneakers prove this fact even more so- they have made a solid comeback over the past few years and they aren’t going anywhere. The upgrade to look for is colour, bold and embellished patterns- white, clean trainers are very definitely out.

Abstract Patterns:

As artists bleed their ideas more and more so into the world of fashion- Andy Warhol with Yves Saint Laurent, for example- we see fresh and new ideas take the forms of clothing. Abstract patterns are another trend to look for in this coming year- in kimonos, jumpers, t-shirts and even skirts. Bright bold colours, with block shapes or delicate patterns make way for loud statements.

Vintage Denim:

Just like anybody else, I love denim and it’s a textile we can rely on, season after season, to never go out of style. Denim jeans always have been and probably always will be a favourite, but each season they get an upgrade. This spring, have a root through charity shops for all kinds of vintage denim- oversized, white washed, worn and loved. Mom jeans have been taken to another level- rugged, light blue and well fitted Levi’s have never looked so good. Denim now has expanded into jackets, skirts and even jumpsuits, so don’t be afraid to indulge.

Gabija Gataveckaite