So, one second you are an eight year old animated child, wearing a black plastic bin bag. Your face is blotchy with Mammy’s old make-up, there’s talcum powder in your hair, and your hands are sticky with chocolate … The next, you find yourself standing in a shop in the year 2017, scrutinizing over-priced plastic costumes, wishing you could just think of something cheap, original, funny … maybe even punny. 

Well, fret no more, friends! are here with a list of original, funny, AND punny costumes, just for you. Because everyone loves doing something that won’t break the bank, and a good pun (and they love bad ones too). 


1) Cereal Killer – Start gathering those cereal boxes now, and grab a (fake) knife, to pull off this pun. You can put your own twist on this one, maybe try making a skirt with folded cereal boxes.





2) Self Absorbed – This is one of our favourites here at – all it involves is buying a packet of sponges and sticking them all over your clothes. Perfect opportunity to talk and brag about yourself all night long!

3) Facebook – This might be the easiest dress up idea in the history of dress up ideas. Just write BOOK on your face, and you’re good to go!


4) Gingerbread Man/Woman – Perfect for all you red headed beauts out there. Start saving your bread wrappers now. Maybe put your own twist on this by bringing some bread to hand out to people at the party. Cos, you know… soakage.




5) Spice Girls – Grab some of your girls, and make signs for your favourite spices. 





6)Formal Apology – Perfect for those of you who have done something you may regret. Just grab your most formal wear, and label a “SORRY” somewhere for everyone to see. 




7) Fifty Shades of Grey – Pop into your nearest paint shop and ask for the samples of grey paint to pin on your clothes




8) Identity Thief – Steal people’s identities by sticking different name tags to your clothes.





9. Black Eyed Peas – Draw a “P” on your shirt, and paint one of your eyes black. 




10. Pot Heads – Grab a flower pot and throw it on your head, we promise everyone will be jealous of how punny you are!