Are you a car enthusiast? Do you consider yourself a die-hard fan of racing? If so; then you need, if you ever get the chance, to visit these North American race-tracks. North America has a number of world famous race-tracks, which you should, if you’re looking for an extravagant day out on a J1, endeavour to visit at least one of! Let’s go through 10 of the best:

1) Lime Rock Park:

It is just an hour and a half drive away from New York. If you intend to participate in the SCCA or Cup Race, then be prepared to meet the challenges of seven turns, elevation changes, and high-speed corners. This is a must-visit race track for all car lovers.

2) Atlanta Motorsports Park:

Besides witnessing car races of the ‘Formula One’ Standard of Kart tracks, you can find safe spaces here. This motorsports park is perfect for speed-lovers.

3) Mazda Laguna Seca Raceway:

Witness the Pirelli World Challenge or the Monterey Car week here. Have a close view of the famous corkscrew. Are you planning on camping this spring? Opt for one of the racing events that is held here, and we are sure you will enjoy the immense fun on offer. The place also offers a variety of racing apparel and fashion accessories – great options for anyone looking for a gift for a car crazed love one.

4) Willow Springs International:

Visit the Willow Springs International Racetrack and indulge yourself by testing your skills against the trickiest racetrack of the Big Willow. Enjoy the tropical climate of Los Angeles as this raceway is located just an hour’s drive away from the city; in the high desert of California.

5) Watkin’s Glen International:

It started as an amateur racing track in the 1950s; hence, it has been the site of many historic International races. Enjoy the endurance and SCCA races here. Enjoy the thrill of driving on the professional racing tracks during off-times.

6) Palmer Motorsports Park:

Boston is where you need to be when you wish to visit the Palmer Motorsports Park. It is about two hours drive from the city. It hosts both car and motorcycle races. Its high steep 15-corner circuit poses real driving challenges for the participants during the pro races.

7) Circuit of Americas:

Located in Austin, Texas, the ‘Circuit of Americas’ (COTA) hosts International car racing events such as Formula 1, MotoGP, Rolex Sports Car Series, FIA World Endurance Championship, and Lone Star Le Mans. It is truly an awe-inspiring experience to watch any of these events in one of the most famous race courses in the world.

8) Virginia International:

If you’re a tough, top-speed driver, then you will almost certainly Virginia International Raceway the most suitable one. There are many reasons for this; however, the most exciting one is that you must meet the challenge of 24 turns to cover a total distance of 4.1 miles. There is also luxurious accommodation adjacent to the track as well as excellent camping facilities available.

9) Autodromo Hermano Rodriguez:

Mexico City is the home to this phenomenal Autodromo Hermano Rodriguez racing track, which was created in the 1950s. It has hosted various car events, namely the Mexican Grand Prix. Additional activities that can be undertaken there include Karting, Shooting, Sports Dining, Driving Club, and Oak Tree Spa.


10) Circuit Gilles Villeneuve:

Combine the experience of shooting two birds with one stone! Witness the car racing and enjoy the sightseeing together as this racetrack is built on the island of Montreal. Ensure that you follow the essential car maintenance tips before entering this racing track for an event.

Champ Car World Series, NASCAR Xfinity Series, Grand-AM Rolex Car Series, and Canadian Formula One Grand Prix are the major events worth watching here.

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