We all love Nutella. Whether you’re waking up to a slice of toast with some lashed on, or maybe you love your crepes with that smooth chocolate and hazelnut spread, there’s lots of ways to have it your way.

As much as we’d like to, we can’t take a jar of Nutella on the bus for our morning commute. After all, eating the jar by the spoonful is really only something you can do in the comfort of your own home! However, what about those of us who need to satisfy that craving?

The Nutella B-Ready Bar is the thing you’ve been missing in your life. Pop it in your bag pack and snack away while your working on an assignment. Now you can get your chocolate fix without the hassle of spreading at all!

It’s small and easy to carry around but you still have that distinctive and delicious Nutella taste. And what’s more, this satisfying bite is only 115 calories per bar!

So don’t hesitate. Get your hands on a free B-Ready bar as part of our goodie bag campaign. We are across campuses all around the country over the next few weeks giving away our goodies.

Check out our article here to find out where and when our Brand Ambassadors are on your campus and how to register yourself for our goodie bag!