Writing’s on the Wall Review

writing's on the wallSam Smith has released the new theme song for the upcoming James Bond film, Spectre, entitled Writing’s on The Wall.

Smith is now listed among other musical legends who have written theme songs for the Bond franchise, including Paul McCartney and Wings, Chris Cornell and Tina Turner. He is also the first British male solo artist to take on the challenge since Tom Jones’ Thunderball for the 1965 film of the same name. Smith had his work cut out for him as he had to follow in the footsteps of Adele’s Skyfall, which achieved huge critical acclaim as well as winning best original song at the 2013 Oscars.

It’s no surprise that the singer admitted being nervous, yet also excited, coming up to the release of the song:

“I’m excited for people to hear it and I hope it just does the film and the legacy justice.

Regarding following in Adele’s footsteps: “It’s not even something I’m thinking about.

In a past interview with the Sun Newspaper Smith expressed: “With Bond songs you get to be as dramatic as you want. I got to get away with unbelievable string and brass sections – I got to be a drama queen.

It may be because of this that fans of the pop star and fans of the Bond franchise were a little disappointed when the track turned out to not be as dramatic as we have come to expect from Bond theme songs. Many expressing that the song does not live up to the power of the more recent themes.

But I don’t think that power was what Smith was going for. Instead of huge powerful vocals and massive guitar riffs, Smith seems to have gone with a more haunting approach. The song is beautifully orchestrated and Smith showcases his impressive range. I imagine Writing’s on The Wall will add new depth to the franchise, perfectly complimenting the more serious and gritty feeling of the recent films.

The emotion in Smith’s vocals is unlike any Bond theme of recent memory and I can’t wait to hear the song in the context of the film.

Spectre will be released in Ireland on the 26th of October.

By Jack Brophy

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