A woman has been refused an abortion just two weeks after it became legal in Ireland.

The woman whose baby was diagnosed with a fatal foetal abnormality was refused for the procedure at Dublin’s Coombe Hospital according to two TDs including TD Ruth Coppinger.

the woman has been certified by two consultants but the the board of The
Coombe Hospital
is refused to perform the procedure and told her to come back after another 4 weeks to see if there is a spontaneous miscarriage.

The woman is now having to result to travelling to the United Kingdom to resolve the issue, it is a complete injustice of her rights and at the moment it looks like much hasn’t changed since we reapled the 8th amendment.

Ms Coppinger took to Dáil Éireann to discuss the issue in which she was completely shut down. We have not fought so rigorously to repeal the eight amendment only for us to be told by hospitals like The Coombe and The Rotunda that we have to go to the United Kingdom.

The Rotunda has said that they will not perform the procedure to a woman who is more than 11 weeks pregnant and now The Coombe are refusing women of their right to have an abortion which is downright wrong especially in cases like this.

It is an outrage that even still after the amendment has been repealed and put in place that she must travel to the UK to get a termination as it is already what we can assume a traumatic experience enough as is, no woman should have to be put through that.

The amendment may have been appealed but now it is time for the real change to begin starting with this. This is absolute bullsh*t and this is something that we simply will not stand for anymore!