Whether you’re a fresher or just another student returning from THE BEST SUMMER EVER, we have some items well worth investing in this winter.

Unfortunately, the Irish weather doesn’t allow students the chance to flaunt their bronzed skin acquired from spending hungover days basking in the sun on some beach somewhere. So we have some more Irish appropriate style suggestions.


winter wardrobe 4
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1) First things first ladies, it’s time to take advantage of the black leather look backpack trend that can be found everywhere including Topshop and Penny’s. That Mary-Kate and Ashley look of wearing handbags the same size as you may make you look cute and small and Channing Tatum may be gorgeous but Jonah Hill had it right with two strapping it! Way more practical, am I right ladies?


winter wardrobe 1

2) If you’re one of those people that wears leggings as pants, honey you best keep reading. I understand more than anyone the dreaded task of trying to look stylish while also remembering that we live in Ireland. The weather is so miserable for most of the year that the motivation just to take off your pj’s in the morning and freeze for a split second is so unattractive and explains why I was late most mornings to college. However, I have the solution to both of these problems and that is the boho (BOhemian/HOmeless) gypsey pant. Instead of throwing on a pair of black worn out see through leggings, pick up these colourful and oh so comfortable pants. Better yet sleep in them and save yourself time and hassle in the morning. Just chuck on a cropped jumper and slippers and you’ll be laughing! If only they made waterproof ones…


winter wardrobe 2

3) Now lets be honest, girls in school never washed their hair. Or washed in general. Yep, that’s disgusting ! Hate to break it to you men out there but late night parties, hours in a library and sweaty bus rides home leaves girls with little time to make themselves squeaky clean. Enter the fedora hat. Forget missing class to wash your hair, just spray in some dry shampoo and slap on a hat and call yourself Alexa Chung! Voila! Brains and beauty…you’re welcome


winter wardrobe 3

4) Every girl knows that feeling when you buy a new pair of jeans. You wake up in the morning and breath a sigh of relief because today you don’t have to throw half your closet on the floor. You just put on your new clothes, actually eat breakfast for once and you walk on clouds all day. It’s been proven that girl’s who like their outfits are more confident and thus interact more in class and perform better in presentations. Aside from that being comfortable and warm is every Irish student’s goal so wear a huge grandad jumper, your comfy jeans and boots but change the t-shirt for a crisp white collar shirt. You’ll feel more put together on those days you just couldn’t be arsed!


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5) Let’s just take a moment to remember when everyone wore Uggs. Yes I said when. Anyway, although we have moved forward as a nation, comfort still seems to be key to the Irish. How many times a day do you hear someone say, “janey it’s freezing”, only to later say, “jeez it’s fierce hot”. I’m not planning on adding more complaints to the list so I suggest you invest in some chunky platform heels. I bought some online for cheap and they are easily my holy grail shoe. Especially in Ireland where the streets are full of puddles, the extra height keeps your toesies warm and they look killer with black skinnies!

And that’s it!


Ella Fitzpatrick