Kevin Spacey. A man once beloved by millions now disgraced by one action and one tweet.

The actor of stage and screen has lost all credibility in his career due to his actions and the repercussions of these are immediately coming into effect. How will Spacey regain a career that was once so solid but now soiled by his horrific past?

On Monday news broke of sexual harassment allegations against Kevin Spacey by his fellow actor Anthony Rapp, who claimed Spacey had made sexual advances on him in 1986 at a Broadway after party, which was held in Spacey’s apartment. Spacey was 26 at the time and Rapp being just 14 years old.

Rapp, who is currently starring in ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ and originated the role of Mark Cohen in ‘Rent’’s original Broadway cast, claimed that Spacey had picked him up and through him on a bed before getting on top of him. Rapp escaped but says that the experience has traumatised him ever since.

Spacey issued an apology on Twitter which has caused controversy as the initial apology seemed to turn itself around and read like a coming out story, and dismissed the allegation due to Spacey being gay.

Kevin Spacey on Twitter

Kevin Spacey on Twitter

Since the story broke, many other actors, a lot who are asking to remain anonymous, have come out and said that Spacey has had a history for preying on young boys during his years in the entertainment industry.

This story comes to light after the many accusations of the same nature have been made against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, and on Wednesday news broke of allegations that were made against Dustin Hoffman, another Hollywood star, who has been accused of sexual harassment by a 17 year old intern on set of the 1985 film ‘Death of a Salesman’.

Netflix also announced that Spacey’s show ‘House of Cards’ would have its final season in the wake of the accusation. Is it right that these production companies such as Netflix are cancelling the projects that these people are involved with or is the solution to get rid of the sole culprit rather than the entire crew?

These companies are making a morally right decision to disassociate themselves with people who have accusations like these made against them, there’s no arguing that, but there’s hundreds of people who are now in danger of losing a job due to the actions of one individual.

Accusations like these are ruining careers. Obviously, they are ruining the careers of the perpetrator, but they have a serious impact on the careers that these people’s productions employ.

Netflix’s ‘House of Cards’ has a crew of over 13,000 people, both on and off screen, and it’s these people who are all out of a job due to Spacey’s actions. There’s so many more people that these allegations are affecting than the culprit, the victim and those surrounding each of them.

The same goes for Weinstein and Hoffman, and any others who may join the list. Due to their actions and the many accusations that have been made against either in recent weeks, there are thousands of people who are potentially at risk of losing their jobs.

In a business like the entertainment industry, this is a real blow for them as they may not know when the next opportunity will come.

But a huge question must be asked; will Hollywood still employ people like Spacey and Weinstein for future productions? It’s easy to think that this is the end for them and their career is over because of what they’ve committed, however we must remember that there are so many people in this business who have been accused of similar crimes yet are continuously getting job after job in the business.

Big production companies like Netflix are all trying to show themselves in the best light and take the moral high ground by not involving themselves and cutting all links to these people.

They will do all it takes to prove to the world that they won’t tolerate this behaviour and won’t support these people by keeping them employed.

Look at Woody Allen and Donald Trump for example, people like them have been involved in countless sexual abuse allegations and scandals but are still being employed in high positions of power. Allen has a new film every other year and Trump managed to get elected as president despite these accusations. Will it be the same for Spacey and Weinstein?

Now with ‘House of Cards’ sixth season being its last and the production of it being suspended as of now, what does it mean for the rest of Spacey’s career?

At the beginning of this year he had it all, it was as if nothing could break his career. His show was still peaking, he was the host of the Tony Awards and he had a starring role in the film ‘Baby Driver’, the man lost it all by one action he carried out that will stay associated with his name for the rest of his career

Ellen Fitzpatrick