The dating world is ruthless, especially now in the digital age. We can choose to speak to someone, simply through a swipe on our smart phones. We have dating shows like First Dates and shows about our worst nightmare, Catfish.

Now that the winter months have settled upon us, girls are all looking for someone to cuddle up to and buy them pretty presents. So how do you make sure you don’t fall into the clutches of a fuckboy?

Fear not ladies, here are 10 ways to spot a fuckboy.

1) He Immediately Asks For Your Snapchat:
I love Snapchat as much as the next girl but if you’re in a bar and the guy asks for your Snapchat before your phone number, he is either a fuckboy, or a sixteen year old who aspires to be a fuckboy. Either way get the hell out of there. Not today satan.

2) He Strongly Believes “All Women Are Crazy”:
So we get emotional sometimes but that’s hardly crazy. You ignoring my valid viewpoints is going to send me crazy. Okay hun?

3) He Sends Unsolicited Dick Pics:
Do I even need to explain this? No one wants to see that thanks.

4) You Get The 3am Texts:
You’ve seen the “U up ;)” memes but honestly the fuckboy will try it. He’ll also send you “haha and then what ;)” when you tell him what you’re doing or “can I join you ;)”. Devoid of all punctuation, grammatical nous, irony or awareness that deploying the winky face is essentially an admission that you should be on some sort of register.

5) Calls Girls “Sluts”:
Look, if a girl sleeps with a man she is not a slut. I don’t know how many times I have to explain this. If a man disrespects other girls, he’ll disrespect you. Sorry.

6) The More Shirtless Mirror Selfies The Bigger The Fuckboy:

There is a direct correlation here, it is a fundamental law of the universe; if he has several selfies of his abs then he’s a fuckboy. Trust me.

7) He Doesn’t Believe In “Labels”:
If you’re wasting your time on a man who doesn’t believe in labels get yourself out of there. That man is a fuckboy and he does not deserve your time.

8) Keeps Hitting On You When You Say No:
Consent guys. Please. When I say no I mean no.

9) Disrespects His Mother:
If he can’t respect the woman who carried him, gave birth to him and raised him up then he won’t respect you. A moment of silence for all the women who got stretch marks for fuckboy sons.

10) Doesn’t Care About Your Interests:
If the man can’t think about something other than sex, himself, beer and himself, he is a fuckboy. If what you think and believe are not important to him then get out of there!

Bronwyn O’Neill