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As part of our college goodie bag campaign, we are giving you FREE Koka Noodles! These delicious instant noodles will be what keeps you alive in college and functioning. Here are the reasons why Koka Noodles are your college life-saver!

When You Are Too Lazy To Cook

Came back from the library late, hungry and tired? Cooking a meal sounds like a death sentence. That is why Koka Noodles is there to save you! It is quick to make and will fill you up. No need to worry about tidying up the kitchen afterwards either.

When You Are Hungover

The days spent in bed nursing a hangover can easily be made better with some noodles. It is the ideal comfort food after a night out on the beer. Cradle your noodles while catching up on the latest Netflix series for the stereotype college experience.

Great For Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

It is acceptable to have this anytime of the day while in college. It’s a great midnight snack when you those nightly cravings set in and you don’t have money to get a takeaway, hey we are all broke as a joke!

You Can Eat It With Anything

Literally anything you can think of! White bread, chicken nuggets, poached eggs, crisps etc. Anything that you can think of is doable with them. I can’t guarantee that your roommates won’t judge you but who cares? Koka Noodles will never judge you.

They Make Any Day Better

Feeling tired and cranky? Don’t underestimate these noodles power to help you feel better. It’s an instant mood changer, not just instant noodles. There is nothing like sitting inside, looking at the pouring rain outside with a bowl of Koka Noodles. It’s all about those simple things in life.

By Aoife Crilly