Stocks for the mobile messaging app WhatsApp soared this morning after the announcement that the company was breaking into the media world and launching a new investigative series, WhatsApp: Solved & Sentenced.

The series will re-open cold cases that have been the analysed by many a WhatsApp group and seek to finally solve the mysteries, bringing closure to families of those involved and concluding with a live trial where viewers can vote via the app for the verdict.

A reliable source, who described themselves as working closely with the executive production team, said that viewers can expect to see crowd favourites such as the Princess Diana case, the McCann case and the infamous revisiting of the OJ Simpson trial in the first couple of seasons.

When asked if the series would follow in the same vein as the multiple Netflix series (transcript: “So you’re just ripping off Netflix?”), CEO Jan Koum replied: “No, whereas the Netflix series was based interviews and newspaper reports that were individually verified, this series will take the form of an anthology series with the most divisive and outlandish conspiracy theories taking the spotlight.”

“With social media, people have become so accustomed to thinking that their voice and unoriginal opinion has some weight. We want to capitalise and more importantly profit off of that,” said Koum.

“Our end-to-end encryption has funnelled years of conversations to our company’s servers and our algorithms have designed a perfectly crafted script of people’s private conversations to maximise the entertainment factor.”

The voting system has been supported and accepted by 90% of nations that the series will be streamed to. Lawmakers and judges have commended the use of voting saying it will alleviate the backlog of cases and make jury selection so much easier. “It’s like if Judge Judy was on Adderall, “ said one Supreme Court judge.  

Producers have leaked rumours that WhatsApp: Solved and Sentenced is set to air in late August, once the Carol Baskin story hits the peak conspiracy quota.