Who ever said that romance was dead? Well it was probably yours truly, but millennials are no longer being courted with flowers, or taken to the drive in movie theatre on dates. No, instead we are a generation that lives in a series of short lived relationships, one night stands, and dating apps like Tinder. If for some reason you haven’t heard of Tinder, which is highly unlikely it has over 10 billion matches already, here’s the rundown. You make a profile, a bio of less than 150 words, a few photos and you’re all set. Photos of potential matches appear on screen and you can either swipe right, indicating that you like the person or left meaning it’s a no. Pretty easy right? Well your tinder profile can say a lot about you, what kind of person you are etc. Here a five tells from your tinder profile.

1) Selfie Or Self-Obsessed:
Now this is a major turn off, the self-obsessed. Having used Tinder in the past, a major turn off for me was when a guy would pop up and all of his pictures were just of him. Usually they were gym photos, in the club or from the lads holiday to Magaluf. No one likes an egomaniac, is it really that hard to include a picture of your friends? Definitely swiping left.

2) Mad Bastaurd Inc:
I can’t even tell how many times a guy has popped up on my Tinder and his bio says ‘Works at being a full time mad bastaurd’. Or some variation of this. I’m sorry but when did being a ‘Mad Bastaurd’ become something to be proud of? Guys please if you want to get a girl don’t use this, its cringey and a turn off, try being original, witty or funny, because so many guys out there share the exact same bio already, stand out from the crowd of ‘Mad Bastaurds’, and what’s more I’m sure that being either a part-time or full-time ‘Mad Bastaurd’ is gonna pay the bills.

3) The Pick Up Artist:

These are the guys who have cringeworthy pick up lines in their bio, or they’ll try to make themselves look good with ridiculous quotes like ‘The next best thing since the sliced pan’. They’ll message you with cheesy chat up lines, ‘Did it hurt?…when you fell from heaven’ or ‘Are you from Tennesee because you’re the only ten I see’. Guys please get some game, these lines are weak.

4) The Snapchatter:
When your potential match would rather promote their own Snapchat instead of using those 150 characters in their bio to woo you over. How about no? If he can’t be bothered to fill in the easiest part of his profile is he really the guy for you? Also the odds are stacked against this one as he’s more likely to be a Snapchat plague with stories up and snap streaks that you don’t want.

5) The Mystery Man:
All your matches photos are group pics, and it takes your best detective skills and sleuthing to try to figure out which one you’ve matched with. It’s a tedious process, tiring and quite frankly if you don’t have the confidence to take at least one picture of yourself, its not going to work. Confidence is one of the most important traits that people look for in a significant other.

Aileen O’Leary