by Niamh Dobbs

With college freshers just around the corner, the anxiety can begin to creep in. Especially for those who are moving out of their family homes. While it is an extremely exciting time of your life it is not all that easy.

College can be romanticized particularly in the beginning, the expectation of finding people who match your vibe and energy straight away, going out on the town, finally having complete freedom. Yes, this will all come but maybe not as soon as one hopes. Moving away from home comes with an aspect of loneliness, no one warns you about this. It can leave you feeling overwhelmed and behind especially in the social side of things.

Particularly moving from the countryside to a big city, the lifestyle is a completely different pace. However, you must allow yourself some time to adjust to the lifestyle, once you have, it will be a breeze!

Here are some tips that can help you at the beginning of your journey:

Be patient

You may notice some of your friends settling in much quicker than you, this can have you feeling a little lost. However, remember everyone goes at their own pace and it will happen for you. The worst thing you can do is compare yourself to others. Relax and enjoy the growth that will come with it.

Put yourself out there

It is so important in the beginning of this new chapter to be utterly confident even if you are faking it (most of us are). You truly have nothing to lose, so go up to a random person introduce yourself everyone is in the same boat. Once you have taken this step you are going to be left feeling so much more relaxed. This new lifestyle will get much easier when you have friends to guide and relate to you.

Social media is lying to you

Do not scroll through your Instagram watching people’s story’s thinking, ‘why does my college life not look like that yet.’ The vast majority of Instagram users only put up the best part of their days online. They do not show you the times in where they may be struggling or anxious, it is not their true reality. Comparing your life to social media posts can be toxic especially in the early weeks of settling into a new city.

Ask for advice

If you know someone who has lived or is currently living in the location that you are moving too, ask them for tips on how to adjust. You will get the honest advice out of people who have experienced it first-hand themselves.

Know your bearings

The difference between moving to a city when you have lived in a rural area all your life is massive. Be careful and remind yourself that you are not at home anymore, what once could have been a safe thing to do in a small town, could be potentially quite dangerous in a larger populated city. Not to scare anyone but just be prepared and aware of your surroundings.

Enjoy it,

The final thing is to just have fun, this part of your life is thrilling, ensure that you take the time to take it all in. These are the best years of your life. Throw yourself into everything that you can. Capture these moments because in no time it will all be over, and you will be dying to do it again.