People all over the world are bagging their drones for their perverted loved ones this Christmas. Thousands of spying devices look set to fly off the shelves and float around heavily populated housing estates, peering through our windows as mistletoe takes things that one step further.

But fear not, your privacy won’t be breached with these two products that are coming out in time for Christmas.

Having a normal kick about isn’t possible in these baltic conditions, so introducing two simply splendid alternatives.


We’ve all dreamed about our dream house. That indoor soccer pitch out the back and a full sized snooker table in the games room…
And for most of us we know it’ll never happen. So why not get two for the price of one?
That, ladies and gentleman, is Snookball. Combing the feel of a soccer ball with the pragmatism of snooker, this is just about the greatest idea any soul in the history of the world has come up with.
This game could be frustrating and addictive in equal measure, but think how satisfying it’d be to win the game with one of the trick shots in the video below.

No pool cue bases making marks in the wall because it’s too tight, no windows being broken because you hit the football too hard (unless you’re a complete idiot). Snookball – The best of both worlds.


Now….this. What do you get when you combine table-tennis and soccer? A bunch of idiots with a broken table. Add some proper skill and a purposefully manufactured table? You get Teqball.

This is available now from their website but it’s next year when Teqball is tipped to really take off. Most of us have probably played some variation of this when it was raining outside or something, but now it’s available to buy as an actual…thing. It’s got rules and everything!

Teqball isn’t cheap, it’s probably something to purchase as part of a group, but it does look fun to play. Imagine getting a rally going in a game of doubles…we can only imagine how forever satisfying it would feel to be on the winning side. The rules may need to be toned down a little bit for beginners in the game (not allowed to touch the ball with the same body part twice in a row? Come on), but once you get into this one…who knows, maybe even Fifa would have to take a back seat.