The movement to get the water charges overturned has hit a snag in their campaign. Across the country for the last few weeks, protesters have taken to the streets in solidarity in an effort to convince the government to back down on the taxation of household water. Many were prepared to go all the way to prison to defy the new charges. However, after last week’s Love/Hate episode where the character Fran had an unpleasant experience in the shower, the protesters are now back-tracking on their threats due to the fear that the realities of prison bring with it.

One prominent protester, who wishes to remain anonymous, told, “We were prepared to go all the way but after seeing what happened to Fran, the most peaceful psychopath in Ireland, we are thinking twice about not paying the water bill.”

The scene was certainly an eye opener. We don’t want to be in the shower and have Enda Kenny and the crew coming in to give us a stern talking to. He would probably charge us for the water we use in the prison shower as well, just to add insult to injury.”

This week, the Irish Water Company have said that those who use ‘water meter fairies’ to remove their meters are risking prosecution by doing so. The new group that go around removing the meters are engaging in criminal activities by carrying out the act.

The government hope that the new warning along with the episode of Love/Hate will be enough to get people complaining about something else.