Ever get a big bag of Chips and while trying to enjoy that salty deliciousness while looking out over the horizon, you get surrounded by those pesky seagulls ready to pounce on any opportunity to steal those precious chips

Well, there may be a way of preventing any of your food from being stolen. University of Exeter researchers found that seagulls were more hesitant to take food while being stared at. The researchers placed chips on the ground and found that the seagulls took 21 seconds longer to reach for the food while they were being stared at, compared to when they were’.

This seems like a terrible waste of chips but I suppose sacrifices sometimes have to be made for the greater good. May those chips be commemorated for their selfless act of martyrdom.

So next time your heading down to Bray for a bag of fish and chips stare intently at any closely seagulls until they get the message that your food is not for sharing. The research has not revealed whether the same tactic works on humans.