If you’re like me (the least sporty person around) but are looking to remedy this in college, Irish third levels offer some unusual and exciting sports. Open to all levels of experience, the clubs provide full training and equipment to help you start off. One thing I wish I had done in college was take advantage of these, as they sound like so much fun and are also a great way to socialise and make new friends. 


Jump House, Trampoline, Feet Socks, Trampoline Park

Most Irish universities offer this, including Trinity, UCD, UCC, UL, DCU and Maynooth. It is open to students of all experience levels, from trampolining pros to complete beginners, and the trainers will ensure you’re helped every step of the way. Many of the clubs compete in national and international competitions. Why not live out your Olympic dreams and give it a go?

Ultimate Frisbee (or as the pros call it, ultimate)

Frisbee, Sand, Beach, Sea, Sports

A very fast-paced sport, ultimate frisbee is not for the faint of heart. It’s non- contact and involves throwing a frisbee around a court to your teammates until one of them catches it in the scoring zone. There are no referees, and all disputes are solved by the players. Gaining popularity over the last few years, it has spread all over the world, and clubs can be found in TCD, UCD, DCU, NUIG, UCC, TUD, Maynooth, UL and LYIT.

Caving and Potholing

Body of Water

Adventure fans, this is the sport for you. Caving involves exploring underground caverns with a guide, while potholing is climbing vertically through potholes. Safety is emphasised and extensive training and protective gear are provided for newcomers. What better way to explore the natural world?

Sepak Takraw

India lost 3-0 to Thailand in Sepak takraw Men's Team Regu semi-final at Asian Games 2018. (Reuters Photo)

Malaysia’s national sport, the game is described as volleyball mixed with soccer. It is played on a court with a rattan ball, and players can only touch the ball with their head, shoulders, chest and feet. The sport is currently offered in UCD.

Underwater Hockey (Octopush)

Caleb Ming, ESPN

Various Sub-Aqua sports clubs around Ireland include underwater hockey as part of their activities. The game is very similar to its above-ground counterpart, although the puck is weighted and the pace of the game depends on the players’ ability to hold their breath. Training and information sessions are held in the college clubs in UCC, UCD and LIT.

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