Comments flooded the internet this week when eagle-eyed gamers spotted a United Ireland flag outside a US government building in the new Spider-Man video game, Miles Morales.

Henry Adams, the Creative Director behind the game came forward amidst the speculation that there may be more to the game than just family-friendly web-swinging.

Credit: u/gothamite27 on Reddit

‘Yeah? I put that flag in there. And what? Spider-Man would give back something that was robbed from someone, why can’t I do the same?’ Adams stormed into the studio leaving the Press unsure why he felt so compelled to express his political views in such a strange way. 

The sharp logic of these gamers continued on Twitter as a new theory began to unfold. ‘Adams. That name has incredible significance for Ireland. He’s not related to…’, said one Twitter user. The new theory as to why the United Ireland flag is in Spider-Man: Miles Morales is that the Creative Director of Insomniac Games, Henry Adams is Gerry Adams’ nephew.

Former Sinn Féin leader, Gerry Adams refused on several occasions to answer questions about the two men being related or if he is acting as some sort of puppet master behind Sony’s Intellectual Properties. Eventually, Adams gave up and said ‘I have no idea what you’re talking about. I’m a good, honest man and I’ll tell ya no lies. I don’t even drink milk for Christ’s sake!’ Was there something dripping from Adams’ beard that day or has the last of the salt and pepper turned completely white. Hard to tell.

Plans for the next Spider-Man game are unsure. Will Henry Adams’ political views impact the franchise further? Perhaps the next instalment will feature the friendly neighbourhood web-swinger nipping across the pond to knock the lights out of your local, corrupt politician? Only time will tell.