Like that weird uncle at a family wedding that just seems a little bit ‘off’, Christmas has really crept up on us this year.

The trees are up, the radios are banging out the Xmas jams all day long and we’ve even got a bit of snow! All we wait for now is the arrival of the big man in the red suit.

While we wait, there’s no better thing to do than lie by the fireplace and watch a good, old-fashioned Christmas film.

Of course, with all the time spent working away to get money to spend more time buying those presents for loved ones, along with all the other stresses that come with the holidays, time can be scarce.

We know that, so we know you won’t want to waste your time deciding which of the countless Christmas films to choose from! That’s why our very own Chloe O’Keeffe has compiled a list of must-see films for this Christmas


The Polar Express

One of my all-time favourites! This follows the journey of a young boy who is losing beginning to question the existence of Santa Clause.

On Christmas Eve, he witnesses the Polar Express, he boards the train and meets some other children. The film follows the journey of the children, and all who they encounter on their way to the North Pole, to see Santa Clause.

This 2004 3D computer-animated film is probably one of my favourites, if not my favourite! I love the journey the children go on, and as the film progresses it becomes increasingly heart-warming.

The Toy Story Trilogy

Okay, so I know these aren’t exactly Christmas related but it’s a family tradition that we watch the trilogy over 3 days during the Christmas.

It’s become increasingly attached to a Christmassy feel as I follow the adventures of Buzz & Woody. I love the tale of the rivalry yet the love the toys have for them, particularly in the 3rd film!

The Home Alone Box Set

Who doesn’t love the Home Alone movies?

The Home Alone movies are mainly a coming of age story, following an 8 year old boy, Kevin- the youngest of 5 children who is regularly tormented and teased by his siblings.

Following Kevin accidentally being left home alone he has to foil a pair of thieves with a series of homemade booby traps. The other four films follow a similar outline, where Kevin gets lost- in the airport to name one!

The Santa Clause Trilogy

Tim Allen is Santa Clause in this particular trilogy. When divorced Dad, Scott Calvin accidentally causes the death of a man in a Santa Suit, he and his son are magically transported to the North Pole, where it is explained to him that he is to take over the role as Santa.

Of course Scott thinks he is dreaming but over the next couple of months gains weight and grows a white beard. Following the first, the second and third movies follow the trials and tribulations Calvin goes through in order to obtain his role as Santa Clause.


Another absolute classic when it comes to my top Christmas films. Will Ferrell is simply amazing in this Christmas film.

At an orphanage, one Christmas Eve a baby boy crawls into the sack of Santa Clause’s and is taken to the North Pole. When discovered the elves name him “Buddy”. Buddy grows up in the North Pole, under the belief that he is an elf, but due to his human size he can’t keep up with his fellow elves and is demoted to testing toys.

Will Ferrell is simply hilarious in this classic, and in the run up to Christmas social media feeds are swarmed with Buddy the Elf memes.

Chloe O’Keeffe