The long awaited TV3 soap opera, Red Rock, hit Irish screens on Wednesday night this week and it was met with much praise from critics and members of the Gardaí for its realistic portrayal of the nation’s police force.

The first episode which aired at 8:30pm, delved deeply in to the typical day of a Garda in Ireland as the entire episode witnessed the main character write up a speeding ticket for a member of a public travelling 61kph in a 50kph zone.

A spokesperson for the Gardaí said, “It’s great that the media are finally tackling the trials and tribulations of the average Garda in contemporary Ireland. Love/Hate makes it look like fun and games. However, the reality of the job is trying to bypass the bureaucratic red tape issues that arise when trying to complete a legally binding traffic ticket for some motor violation. This is the real work that civilises the scum in Ireland so we have a society built on justice.”

Many critics have likened the first episode of the show to that of the Sopranos. The stand-out moment that got Twitter talking was when the town’s prostitute managed to drive by the traffic corps speed gone, unnoticed while giving her customer a ferocious handjob for €25. It’s a scene that the writers of Fair City could not even dream of producing on RTÉ. It certainly has set the tone of the show for the rest of the season. will be here to give regular updates on the programme’s progression this year.