It’s the plight of most Hollywood shows, they start off with a great storyline, a cast that’s new and exciting but then it goes past its peak. The show then becomes one of many that go to graveyard in Hollywood set aside for shows that should’ve been off the air years ago. It’s such a let-down for fans but it’s bittersweet as well because we’re given more than what we should have gotten, our favourite characters continue to live on, even when they are well past their sell by date. Take a look at four shows that still exist but shouldn’t. Warning major spoilers ahead.

1) Pretty Little Liars:

Pretty Little Liars
Am I the only one raging that we still don’t know who the fuck “A” is? There was Mona, Toby, Ezra was a suspect there for a while, Spencer joined the A team, and not the good one, then Cece was revealed as “A” in the most controversial episode of the series and now with ten episodes left Marlene King is telling us there’s now an Uber A. I’m calling bullshit, the girls were in high school for six years let’s get real they were looking more like college graduates than seniors and we all know it. Aside from an ageing cast, the show has so many plot holes and continuity errors that it should’ve ended years ago. Leave those girls alone and put away the red marker because this A game is over.

2) Suits:

Now this one pains me to say but my beloved ‘Suits’ has officially reached its sell by date. With season seven approaching and 16 episodes ahead of us, what else can happen to the firm. We’ve watched Harvey protect Mike countless times, the romance between Mike and Rachel, Louis being a prick and then reforming at least four or five times over the series. Harvey telling Donna he loves her and doing absolute fuck all about it, my god like can this show get any more dragged out. Mike was finally exposed as a fraud, left poor little Zane at the alter and now that Jessica has left; Harvey and Louis are in charge of a firm that has lost almost all of its employees, I don’t have high hopes for it. It’s a clever show and the first two seasons were brilliant but by season four the show became slightly predictable. Time of death 2017.

3) Keeping Up With The Kardashians:

12 seasons later and I ‘literally can’t deal with this anymore’. I’m not going to lie, I used to binge watch the Kardashians but even I can’t take any more of the show, and reality T.V. is my guilty pleasure. It’s become so predictable, every season either Kourtney or Kim get pregnant, Khloe brings out a new book or app, Kendall’s jetting around the world trying to distance herself from the show, and Kylies bringing out new Lipkits or opening a store. It’s become a show you have on the T.V. in the background, it’s lost the spark. Not to mention the countless spin off series that have come from the show.

4) Dance Moms:

Love it or Loath it we’ve all seen clips or an episode of Abbey and her little stars at some stage. The inspiration for countless memes and gifs the show has come out with some very quotable episodes and it was entertaining but the latest episodes show a dance teacher obsessed with winning and not the welfare of her students. She’s had members of her own troop disqualified, she was the driving force behind Maddie Ziegler’s rise to fame, having become the most successful member of the show, starring in music videos for Sia alongside Shia Lebouf. Every episode is just another ploy by Abbey Lee Miller to get her name in the press. It’s become one of those shows that you switch on in the background while you’re making dinner.

Aileen O’Leary