Road trips are unquestionably a blast. You get to enjoy some interesting sights, good conversation, and music along the way. However, no one likes to be packed in like sardines inside their car for countless hours. One effective way of minimising whining as well is by loading your travel gear into a roof rack.

Adding some weight to your car’s top comes with safety concerns. To ensure you are safe, here are some dos and don’ts to consider when traveling with a roof rack:

1) Always Read Instructions:

Unfortunately, most people never read instructions. Some get away with it while others don’t. Before you even take a single bolt from the box to fit a roof rack on your car, you should keenly pass through the instructions. By doing that, you’ll be able to handle the job safely, easily and quickly in the long run. Always remember that your vehicle is worth a whole lot more compared to the set of roof racks, which you’ve just bought. Consequently, you should highly avoid damaging it by not taking the time to pass through the instructions.

2) Always Pay Attention To Torque Settings:

It’s paramount that you pay attention to torque settings. Properly fitted and used roof racks boast years of trouble free service. What’s more is the fact that they don’t damage your car. Overloaded, badly fitted, under-torqued, or over-torqued roof racks can severely damage your car.

3) Don’t Forget To Lube Up:

When you leave your kayak rack for Tacoma on the car, it’s exposed to the elements. Consequently, the fittings can corrode with time. To combat this, it’s prudent to apply some copper grease on its mounting bolt threads. By doing that, you’ll be able to protect the rack from corrosion. What is more is the fact that removing it in future will also be much easier.

4) Never Overload:

The owner’s manual of your car contains a section on the recommended maximum weight that you can carry on the roof. Often, your car has a lower weight limit in comparison to the roof bars. Therefore, it’s highly important to always check and avoid exceeding the lower of the two.

5) Always Feel Free To Seek Help:

There is no doubt that loading your roof rack with bulky and big items can turn out to be quite challenging. When you are straining and struggling, that’s when things normally get damaged. Therefore, instead of scratching your beautiful paintwork with the 12-foot canoe, which you might be trying to manhandle on your own, you should get someone to assist you.

6) Always Lock It Up:

It is highly prudent to strictly purchase roof racks that feature security locks. They are handy especially when you are carrying kayaks or bikes, which can turn out to be quite costly. Furthermore, it can be an incredible idea to ensure that you keep the roof rack keys on the car key ring.

7) Always Tie The Rack Down:

You should always tie down your surfboards, kayaks, and canoes to the car’s front and back in addition to the roof rack. Does your car have a tow bar or towing eyes? If yes, then this is the perfect solution to the problem They can generate colossal amounts of an aerodynamic lift, especially when traveling at high speeds. If not tied properly, it can rip your roof rack off the car. As much as you might be traveling at a high speed, strong winds could still exert a strong force that’s higher than the roof rack, which can cause serious damages.

8) Never Be In A Rush – Slow Down:

Roof rack accessories, like roof boxes, normally bring with them maximum speed warning that you’re not supposed to exceed. The aerodynamic drag usually increases with speed. Exceeding the speed rating can exert too much pressure or force on the roof rack or onto the accessory.

9) Always Remove The Roof Rack When You’re Not Using It:

In spite of the fact that they now use lightweight materials and sleek designs, roof racks normally add weight to your car. It can have a major effect on your car’s fuel economy. To be on the safe side, you should always remove it when it’s not in use. Doing that will also go miles in reducing wind noise.


Whether you are traveling with your roof rack for business or pleasure, it’s highly important to make sure that you adhere to the above tips. By doing that, you’re guaranteed of a safe and stress-free trip. That is for sure., A website with easy tips to help you Care Your Car. As you see, this is at simple site: To become a reliable resource where all of you can join and learn how to care your cars.