A Wexford man is seeking compensation from online-dating giant Tinder, after a recent hook up went pear-shaped.

24-year-old Enniscorthy native Mick*, was talking to Tinder user Claire* for two days before they agreed to go on a date.

“I was looking forward to meeting her for a few shcoops ‘cause she looked quare fine in all her photos. She looked a bit easy too, so was hoping a ride wasn’t out of the question,” he said.

However, when she arrived at the pub, Mick said that he didn’t recognise her until she sat down opposite him.

“She looked nattin’ like her pictures. She must have been using that Photoshop or whatever you call it, ‘cause she was good few pounds heavier than I expected, and had a face like a bulldog licking piss off a nettle,” recalled Mick.

Recent phenomena, such as Instagram, and ‘appearance touch-up’ apps have caused reason for concern among the online dating community. Avid Plenty of Fish user, Ben Kinsella, spoke to The Spanner about his experiences.

“The girls I come across on PoF are filtered to within an inch of their life. You can’t look sideways on that app without seeing the likes of Crema and Hudson being used,” he said.

Ben added:

“It’s misleading as hell. You expect to meet up with a glowing sex-goddess with no imperfections and whiter-than-white teeth, and you’re greeted by bloody Jabba the Hut.”

Mick is hoping to receive a pay-out from Tinder as compensation for his traumatic experience. He wants the company to cover the cost of the date (two pints of Bulmers and a WKD).

“I want me fourteen quid back yeah, but I also want Tinder to properly vet their users before allowing them to create profiles. I just don’t want this to happen to any other poor soul out there.”

Mick’s case is currently being reviewed. Tinder declined to comment.


Jade O’Leary

*Names have been changed for legal reasons.