They’re the hottest tickets in town…

The Smedia Awards 2015 are nearly upon us. If the 16th of April can be classified as ‘nearly’. (We’re just trying to generate some buzz, not that we need to…It’s the Smedias)

Please be (politely) advised that this is just detail about ticket allocation. Actual distribution of these sought after tickets won’t happen until the nominations for the awards are announced. Next week that is.


Tickets are €5 for nominees i.e for people who are there for something other than the free booze.*

Each nominee (that’s nominee, not shortlisted entrant – NOMINEE) is entitled to one ticket for €5 and 1 extra for €10. For one of your dear friends to share on this fantabulous award-winning adventure.
After the main allocation there will be 50 other tickets for €10 each . These will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

No tickets will be available on the night. For anyone. Even if you’re Ryan freaking Tubridy.

The tickets cover the awards ceremony, transport back into town via horse and chariot bus and the after party in the VIP section of Krystle.

So get that acceptance speech polished and learned. It’s the Smedia’s, bitch.

*There is no free booze at this event