There are some weird and wacky celebrity conspiracy theories out there. All of them are false of course. Here are the weirdest celebrity conspiracies ever invented. 

Lorde Is Actually a 40 Year Old Woman

With her sophisticated grammar and mature look, you could easily think Lorde is much older than 21 years old. Some believe that she is actually in her 40s and lied about to her age in order to get her music to sell. This theory is based solely on the fact that she looks older than she actually does.

Beyonce Was Never Pregnant With Blue Evy

This conspiracy theory suggest that Beyonce got a surrogate mother to carry Blue Ivy for 9 months. Beyonce made an appearance for an Australian talk show ‘Sunday Night’ while pregnant. While she sat down on her seat, it looked like her bump was folded is an almost impossible way. This fueled the rumor that she was wearing a fake bump. Beyonce herself squashed the rumors, claiming that it was the folding was the fabric of the dress.

Jennifer Lawerance Fell On Purpose When Receiving Her Oscar

At the Oscars 2013, Jennifer Lawrence won best actress for her role in ‘The Silver Linings Playbook’. As she was making her way up to the stage to receive her reward, she fell. There is a conspiracy theory that suggest she fell on purpose. People suggest that this was a way of promoting Dior, the label she way wearing at the time. This is obviously ridiculous as who would want to purposely embarrass themselves when receiving such a prestigious award?

Taylor Swift Is A Satanist

A bizarre look alike photo surfaced on the internet of a Satanist from 1990. Zeena LaVey looks just like Swift with her blonde hair and golden locks. However, Taylor was born in 1989 which would make her only a baby at the time of LaVey’s Appearance.

Tupac Is Alive In Cuba

You have probably have heard of this theory before. To this day, his shooters have not been found leading people to think that Tupac faked his death as a way to escape to Cuba and go into hiding. Tupac also apparently always wore a bulletproof vest which made it all a bit more more suspicious. This is obviously very believable but a little far-fetched.

By Aoife Crilly