Are you tired of spending ages deciding what to watch on Netflix ? Well every week for next few months, is going to recommend and review a new film from the hundreds available on the streaming site. First up, it’s the Norwegian film The 12th Man.

The 12th man tells the story of the Norwegian resistance fighter Jan Baalsrud who escapes the Nazi’s after an assault on the Resistance ship. Jonathan Rhys Meyers plays Nazi officer Kurt Stage and speaks German fluently throughout (who knew??).

The main plot of the film is Baalsrud’s attempt to hide from the Nazi’s and eventually cross the border to the neutral Sweden. It is a tale of survival and perseverance. Jan Baalsrud is brilliantly portrayed by Thomas Gullestad, who commits himself to the role physically. The film is also beautifully shot with some stunning images of the vast Norwegian landscape.

The film is unashamedly patriotic, Jan Baalsrud being like the Michael Collins of Norway. However, as a foreign audience we do not feel disconnected. In fact, you’ll almost certainly mind yourself routing for Jan as he tries to escape the cluthces of the Nazi’s.

As well as showing the power of human compassion and selflessness, it is also an entertaining flick etched with tension. Jonathan Rhys Myers continues his renaissance of sorts, brilliantly portraying the cold blooded and callous Stage while the rest of the nearly entirely Norwegian cast are also seriously impressive. I would highly recommend you give this a watch when you’ve finished contemplating what to do with your life now that the exams are over.