We’ve all done it. You wake up somewhere after a wild night with no supplies, dreading braving the outdoors for the journey home. You’re still wearing the previous evening’s attire and still in drunken haze/oncoming hangover limbo.

Fear no more, ladies (and lads if you’re that way inclined) – the Walk of Shame Kit has got you covered.

It contains a white t-shirt dress, flip flops, sunglasses (to prevent any glimmer of sunlight from penetrating your skull), a pre-pasted toothbrush (in case your hand-eye coordination is still a mess), a backpack to hide any incriminating evidence from the night before, baby-wipes, a call/don’t call card to leave behind for your lovely host, and a breast cancer awareness bracelet….because reasons.

The kit costs $34.99 so clearly dignity doesn’t come cheap anymore, but a portion of the proceeds does go to breast cancer research (ah yes, that explains the bracelet). So in a way it’s like you’re curing cancer by getting hammered and going home with that randomer from Dicey’s. Everybody wins.