By Niamh Dobbs

Winter is coming and you know what that means for us folks in Ireland, freezing cold temperatures and catastrophic weather. However, do not let that stop you from serving looks.

Here are a few tips to stay warm and stylish for this upcoming winter,

Layering! This does not have to ruin your look. Many times, whilst picking a winter look, especially for a night out on the town a cute outfit can be often ruined or hidden with a bulky winter jacket of some sort. To prevent this a timeless item of clothing that can only elevate your look is the infamous leather jacket!

These can come in all shapes, sizes, and colours making them easy to pair with any look, if you are into a more sophisticated Haily Bieber vibe, a blazer-styled leather jacket could be the right fit for you, opposingly if you are into a more chilled grungy look a biker styled leather jacket would be the best pick.

Another good layering option for those extra cold nights is a pair of tights. Whether it is a plain pair or one with a design/pattern that can add warmth and character to an outfit. To add some extra comfort a pair of leg warmers can come in handy. These paired with loafers or boots can look super funky.

Staying on the topic of layering a cool idea that is becoming increasingly popular is wearing multiple tops, often styled with a long-sleeved plain-coloured top underneath paired with a short-sleeved on top. Frequently done with graphic tees paired with some baggy jeans and dare I repeat myself say a leather jacket.

However, if this look just is not your vibe, another cool item to layer is a sweater vest! Easily paired with a shirt, long-sleeved or short-sleeved top and can be worn with multiple types of bottoms you cannot go far wrong, adding a plain sweater vest to your wardrobe this winter might just be the move for you.

Thin scarfs have been in the winter fashion scene for some time now, these fun more accessory type scarfs still add a bit of warmth without the heaviness and bulky look of your classic scarf. Again, handy for the nights out but also when you want to show off a cool jumper or top without completely covering it up.

Wrapping it all up mittens/gloves must be mentioned, although not everyone’s cup of tea you cannot deny the warmth they serve. When picking a pair of mittens, it is best to look out for the Finger cut-out style as in today’s society our vital necessity (mobile phone) is easily accessible with this glove.

All these items can be found in many stores across Ireland but before you rush to buy It brand new have a look in some local charity/thrift stores. This will save you and the environment. So, get shopping!