It’s fair to say that if the phrase “September is the new January,” hadn’t existed I would have had to invent her. Seriously! September provides one of the essential chances to start over. Look at the back to school section for example. Just when you thought new stationery couldn’t get any more satisfying, September lands us with a brand spanking new textbooks – the smell alone is to die for! If there’s only one thing a student can love, it’s new beginnings.

Let’s face it, September gives us a new season of fashion. Which means it’s time to put away your short shorts and start thinking oversized knitted jumpers. What better excuse do you need to get all dolled up than a new class full of potential new friends. Of course, I realise you have to endure the stressful moment when the lecturer asks you a question that you are not really sure of. But hey, at least you can look comfy and cute while doing it. Alternatively, you now have made a good few friends. No more worrying about making it to class only to find out it’s on at a different time now that you have mates to look forward to seeing weekly.

Obviously, there’s more to September than happily showcasing your new mates on the catwalk. There’s hitting the gym or gin. But this month I’ve decided to get you excited about the first one. For a healthy mind and body, you have to work out. Why not try a combo of cardio and strength training exercises to maximise fitness results. Not only does it help tone muscles, but it also boosts your con levels so you can stay awake at those 9 am lectures. Best of all you don’t need any special equipment, so what are you waiting for? Just make sure you incorporate some well-deserved stretches into it and you’re good to go.

After saying hello to a fitter, happier you, get your September study plan off to a new start by revamping your new space. A chaotic study space leads to an equally chaotic mind. Keep your study space neat and tidy with a good filing system to keep important notes ready at hand. File essays and lecture notes according to each module so that when you go to study specific topics the info is there at your fingertips. Your study space should also be free from all distractions. Yep, that means putting your computer or laptop in a different spot altogether because looking up something on Wiki can easily turn into a Netflix marathon.

How devastating when September is eventually over. It was all going great until you realise the last thing you probably want to do is exercise after favouring the pub over the gym again. And what’s worse is the fear that you’ll face on Monday morning if you haven’t tackled that pesky assignment! Where did I leave those organised folders again? – Stop! There’s only one method to this madness. Let loose every now and then and watch Brooklyn 99 on a loop, just to mix things up! No one ever said September is for eternity. After all, you’re only human!