By Charlie Kendellen

After the global successes that were the first two installments in the Red Dead Redemption franchise, many fans have engaged in the discourse, presenting theories on what the third game might bring, as we patiently wait for an announcement to satiate our expectations. Among the many fan theories are a myriad of different protagonists, locations, and storylines. Some of the most popular theories as to who will be the protagonist in the following game are as follows:

Sadie Adler

Fan favourite Sadie Adler is more than deserving of her own spinoff as she has already infiltrated our hearts with her fiery personality from the second game. As the developers have yet to make a female protagonist, Sadie would be a perfect fit for the third installment. RDR 3 could follow Sadie as she continues her journey as a bounty hunter, following the events from the second game.

Charles Smith

Many fans have expressed a desire to play as the beloved Charles Smith, as he is one of the most reserved, yet powerful characters in the franchise. From Chapter Six of Red Dead Redemption 2, Charles expressed his wanting to start a family in Canada and turn over a new leaf from his life in America. This could be a decent starting point for the next game.

Jack Marston

As the son of John and Abigail, adored characters from both Red Dead Redemption 1 and 2, the developers have always made Jack an integral part of the main story in both games. It seems like the perfect place to start is the end of RDR 1, and continue the Marston line into the 20th century.

Isaac Morgan

While it has been hinted that Arthur’s son Isaac is dead, nothing is yet set in stone. Many fans have expressed a desire to play as Arthur’s son in the newest game, as we simply can’t get enough of Arthur Morgan.

Dutch Van Der Linde

As the complex leader of the camp in Red Dead Redemption 2, many fans have speculated that Dutch may hold the limelight in the third installment. As the initial plan for the low-honour epilogue was to play as Dutch, it is clear that the developers are not yet finished with Dutch’s story. As both John and Arthur are colossally beloved characters, playing as the troubled camp leader Dutch would make for a colossally entertaining gaming experience — whether, they decide on a prequel following Dutch’s mysterious past or his path gathering up lost souls of the First Nation for his own evil ends.

New Protagonist

Rockstar might just surprise us all and instead of carrying on the legacy that the first two masterful games brought about, they might decide to take on a brand new journey with a new protagonist that we have not been introduced to yet.

Overall, the legacy that both Red Dead Redemption 1 and 2 have created among story-driven games is unparalleled. Despite many well fleshed out fan theories, there is no doubt that whatever angle the developers may choose, it will solidify itself flawlessly into one of the best game franchises of all time.