By Lorna Farrelly

As the generation of the digital age, where misinformation is widespread and AI is on the rise, it is of utmost importance to locate reliable news sources. Students often find it hard to make time or keep up with current affairs at home and abroad. This is a real concern of many students in Ireland who don’t feel engaged with current affairs, however, The Irish Times is here to help!

As one of Ireland’s leading newspapers, The Irish Times has devoted itself to establishing a versatile, trusted and accessible source of information. One of the most useful yet underrated outlets is the podcasts which provide for a range of diverse interests. Looking to stay informed? The Irish Times has a podcast for you. The ‘In The News’ podcast covers the headlining stories of national and international affairs in culture and politics, providing an accessible method of keeping up to date with current affairs.

The ‘Inside Politics’ and ‘Inside Business’ podcasts offer a more in-depth look into the political and economic affairs of Ireland as well as internationally. ‘Inside Politics’ hosted by Irish Times writer Hugh Linehan, presents topics ranging from Irish politics to ongoing international affairs and features guests offering a variety of perspectives. Oftentimes, as done with the recent referendum, the podcast offers a platform for debate. The podcast is an optimal way for students to inform themselves on all perspectives of political matters at hand through expert opinion and discourse.

‘Inside Business’, hosted by Ciarán Hancock the Irish Times Business Editor, offers insight into economic affairs. Their latest podcasts take a look into Ireland’s economic environment, the prospect of a recession, as well as a discussion about the ongoing housing crisis and its possible solutions. Considering young adults are highly affected by these issues, The Irish Times podcasts allow students and young adults to shape an informed opinion.

The Irish Times podcasts allow you, not only to stay up to date on economic and political affairs, but also cater to other interests such as sport, technology and internet culture as well as offering a platform specifically for women’s interests. ‘The Counter Ruck’ provides a place for Irish sports fans and has followed the Irish rugby team’s journey throughout the Six Nations. The podcast ‘Web 1.0’ discusses hotly debated topics such as cyberfeminism in addition to the origins of words that have shaped modern internet culture. ‘The Women’s Podcast’ offers a space for women’s interests and opinions in the news, covering discourse surrounding International Women’s Day as well as different aspects of the female experience.

If you are a student who feels disengaged with current affairs or are simply looking for a space to develop new interests, why not listen to the Irish Times podcasts? Ranging from twenty minutes to an hour, they are perfect for the commute to university or work. The podcasts can be accessed through platforms such as Apple, Google or Spotify as well as on the Irish Times website.

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