We all love ice cream. When it’s warm out- have an ice cream. When you have a sore throat- have a nice cold bowl of ice cream. When it’s cold outside- sit inside and have an ice cream.Whether its simple vanilla, rich chocolate or maybe some weird Willy Wonka style concoction ice cream is basically life.Personally i’m a sucker for butterscotch but that’s neither here nor there.

When you buy a tub of ice cream from a shop you expect to go home and enjoy it without fearing someone might have tampered with it. Well, a girl in Texas is in big trouble for removing a tub of pretty delicious looking ice cream, removing the lid and …..licking it before putting it back. It was a pretty disgusting thing to do and has put me off ice cream for the next two hours. It’s not exactly clear what inspired the gobshite to do what she did but one wanders what possible benefit she could have got out of ruining a perfectly good container of ice cream. Imagine sitting at home watching Stranger Things season 3, only to be found that the half eaten tub you were devouring was in fact licked.

If she wasn’t already an idiot for what she did, she had the whole thing recorded on video for the world to see and now faces criminal charges and jail as a result. The 20 years being mentioned does sound a little harsh and unrealistic. I have to say I do find the idea of an ice cream licker being in the same jail as dangerous convicts pretty funny tbh.