The iconic Paris monument and a symbol of France is set to be completely destroyed and replaced by a starbucks outlet. Nah, but I scared you there didn’t I? While the commercialisation of our world as we know it has not quite gone that far the Tour D’Eiffel is getting a bit of a revamp.

A gigantic, pedestrianised garden is set to be built around the tower with pools and fountains and that type of craic. The project is set to be completed in time for the 2024 Olympics, which Paris is hosting.

While obviously the view from the top of the Eiffel Tower is spectacular the surrounding areas are not exactly renowned for their views and the develops want to change that. Goodbye busy motorways and hello recreational parks and stuff.

It should be a welcome change and that tourism will benefit from this change too, because the Eiffel Tower and Paris are really short of that…

Activities and events are set to be held in the grounds which should actually help take a bit of pressure of the Tower itself. Ropes and harnesses are set to be available on request for people who want to attempt a climb of the famous tower. You’ll be able to rent an adult size for 10 euro an hour while child sizes will be a 5 euro. Just jokin, don’t try to be this guy…..

Image result for man climbing eiffel tower

Meanwhile, the Spire is going to remain exactly the same with no scheduled development to the areas whatsoever. But I bet you can’t get a six pack of Dutch Gold and nacker drink beside the Eiffel Tower.