The best places for a pint in Dublin.

The weekend is nearly upon us and that means one thing: Pints, pints and more pints. Finding a good place to get some of that sweet nectar can be difficult in this day and age. All lot of the time, you feel it’s either overly expensive or just plain rank. We put together a handy list to keep you on the right track.


Situated just beside Tara Street Dart station. It’s decent value and there’s a good atmosphere. Chill outside in the smoking area with a pint of Hop House or enjoy the cozy interior. The bouncers there are gents too.


There’s actually two cassidy’s in Dublin (Camden Street and Westmoreland Street) and both are solid options. Westmoreland’s street is well positioned and inside it has a kind of cool darkish red lighting (terrible description I know) and it’s walls are filled with posters and graffiti. It’s got a sort of hipstery feel about it but in a good way. You can even play jenga!


Cheap pints and an epic beer garden ideal in this weather. It’s the kind of place that you can choose to either chill out or dance to the music without looking like a weirdo.


It’s main attraction is that it’s open late and it’s also just a great pub. If you’re not a big fans of nightclubs or if you are and fancy a scoop or two in between Diceys and Dtwo than Doyles is the place for you. Reasonably priced and comfy.


A personal favourite of mine right beside the Heineken building. It’s a little on the pricey side but it makes up for that in location and classiness. It serves up some pretty delicious craft beers as well.

The Woolshed

With its Giant TV screens, it’s the best place around for Sports. Make sure to head here if you’re heading out for the next big Ireland game and get there early for those Rugby World Cup games coming up in October.


Located at the junction between South Georges Street and Aungier Street, Capitol is one of the best places around for cocktails. You can get a a Tom Collins for just 6 quid to start your off your wild night. Friday night drinks anyone?

The Long Hall

It might not be the most studenty bar around but it’s steeped in history and class. The great Phil Lynott recorded ‘Old Town’ here so it’s worth a visit for that alone.

Turks Head

We’re breaking the classic Irish rule of ‘stay away from Temple Bar’ but the Turks head is a solid place for a pint and a bit of grub. It’s also open late which is a major bonus.

The Market Bar

If your in a group The Market Bar does some stellar Tapas (not exactly your typical night out meal but its pretty f**king delicious. It’s got a massive TV for all the football and the high ceilings and decor make for a great atmosphere.



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