As the country goes into some of the final stages of reopening after Covid, and nightclubs are set to reopen from October 22, we take a look at the night scene Limerick City has to offer. With an increasing student rate in the Limerick area, with the University of Limerick; Mary Immaculate College and Limerick Institute of Technology- not to forget LCFE (Limerick College of Further Education), and LSAD (Limerick School of Art and Design) – nightlife in Limerick is very varied, catered for all ages, and for all types of people. 

Costello’s, Dominick St.

Affectionately known by regulars as ‘Costies’, anyone that has ever stepped foot on the sticky dancefloor that is the wonderful Costello’s will all relate when I say that I cannot wait for another night out in Costies. Pre- Covid Costies had become increasingly popular with the student population, with many class nights out and social events happening there, in turn giving students the taste for the bar, with the beer pong downstairs, and the sticky nightclub floor upstairs- which is better than it sounds! – not to forget the wonderful Mr. Flan Costello sat manning the door, and ensuring everyone pays him a fiver for entry, as well as swapping out your pint glasses for plastic glasses should you decide to venture upstairs. 

Charlie Chaplin’s, Cruises St.

A staple in any night out is a pitstop at Charlies for a cheeky cocktail or two before heading to your nightclub of choice. Charlies is strategically placed just around the corner from a range of nightclubs, so the perfect destination if you are in town too early, or the queues for nightclubs are on the long side.

Dolan’s Pub, Dock Rd.

Dolan’s is a little of the beating track located on Dock Road, but it’s definitely worth the venture to the outskirt of town, particularly if you are fond of Limerick nights out such as D.I.E, Touch of Techno etc. 

D.I.E Night at Dolans is a personal favourite of mine, and one of my favourite things about the night is that Dolan’s is a big enough venue, with different rooms and floors that enables multiple acts to be playing at the same time. Just inside is more heavy underground techno, but in the outside sheltered area there is typically a lighter atmosphere. Events like this are great also as it gives up and coming artists the opportunity to showcase their skills and get their names out to people.

Molly’s Bar, Ellen St.

With three floors, and a great atmosphere, along with great music, Molly’s seems to be an increasingly popular nightclub in recent times, especially due to reinventing themselves through Covid, and opening and catering towards the changing in restrictions. 

Angel Lane, Robert St.

Angel Lane is the typical first year haunt, and I will always look fondly at my first times going out as a student and dying to get into ‘Lane.’ Located right in the centre of all the activity of the student nightlife, it is no wonder why it was always a favourite amongst students, particularly those new to the city, as Angel Lane is bang is probably the easiest to find- in my opinion anyway!

The inside layout of Angel Lane takes some getting used to, and even after not stepping foot inside for quite awhile I’m hazy with the three floors, and numerous bars. Downstairs Lane has a dance floor and two bars, located on either side of the floor; the middle floor is where the smoking area can be found, along with a smaller bar and a dance floor. The top floor- if you are ever lucky enough to get that far up (queues!) is known as ‘Level 23’ and plays music that one may consider a little older.

The Red Hen, Patrick St.

The Red Hen is one of the newer pubs/clubs in Limerick but has quickly become a favourite amongst students and young adults alike. Particularly with Covid restrictions, The Red Hen have managed to stay opened, and have utilised their outside area and provided a wonderful, sheltered tent, which still gives off a lovely atmosphere.

Inside The Red Hen is glorious also, and spans across three floors, all different from the next. The cocktails are on the pricier side, but they are also really good, so you get what you pay for!

Pharmacia, Sarsfield Ave.

My personal favourite is Pharmacia, and I am aware it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but I view Pharmacia as being a mix of a pub and nightclub, with their upstairs area being the nightclub part. Pharmacia has been the venue for some of my favourite nights out as a student such as Limerick is Burning as well as techno events provided by DJ Collectives Room Two etc.

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