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Cutting down on sugar has an array of benefits. Here are some of the reasons why you should rethink ordering that pumpkin spice latte every morning.

Glowy Skin

Yes, get that natural glow by reducing that sugar intake. Sugar hinders the repair of your skin’s own collagen. This basically makes you get wrinkles way earlier than you’re supposed to get. Reducing your sugar intake will give you brighter and clear skin too!

Less Mood Swings

Sugar can put you on a roller coaster of emotions. Firstly, you are on a sugar high and have a high alertness level. Then that is followed by a slump, which makes you hungry and moody. Not to mention you get the shakes as you suffer from sugar withdrawal symptoms.

Pearly Whites

Sugar feeds bacteria on your teeth, resulting in yellow teeth. If you just got your teeth whitened, perhaps reconsider chugging on that coke. To keep your teeth gleaming, try to reduce sugar food and drink in your diet.

More Energy

Ever eat a big feed then feel like a nap? Sugar is more than likely the culprit here. If you have an important exam that you need to cram the day before, it’s best to stay away from sugar to avoid falling asleep on your desk.

Sharper Mind

Sugar may also be hindering your cognitive function in your brain. Cutting back sugar will boost your memory and responsiveness. By the time exams come around, your brain power should be a lot stronger due to cutting back on sugar.

By Aoife Crilly