By Laura Molloy

The Leaving Cert is just around the corner with 8 weeks until the exams start. No doubt 6th years are starting to feel the nerves. The best way to keep calm during this stressful period is to prepare.

While the traditional source of textbooks and revision notes are vital to doing well in the exams, it can be worth using other study materials too, particularly if you are a student aiming for high grades.

A great study resource for Irish is Bloc TG4

BLOC is a shared social media hub which is currently available on Instagram, YouTube, Tik Tok, Facebook & Twitter. BLOC prides itself in showcasing innovative, creative, entertaining great Irish language content which is made by young people, for young people.

If you have an idea and dabble in content creation in some capacity or you would like to get involved with BLOC they would love to hear from you. They are open to all ideas and love hearing them. DM @bloc_tg4 or drop an email to

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