We here at Oxygen.ie want to help you through your exam time. We know it’s stressful. So let us be your source of amusement, or perhaps your shoulder to cry on, or even bosom. We have great shoulders and bosoms. Trust us 😉

1. Prepare for your exam

Worth cracking open a book or your notes. Just saying. Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail.

2. Avoid Late Night Cramming

We’re not all night owls, so unless you absolutely are, save it for the professionals and get your study done early in the day as opposed to late at night. Late nights will exhaust you and you won’t retain much either.

3. Avoid Junkfood

No boozing, hangovers and study don’t mix. Neither does sugar and study. Avoid the fizzy drinks, sugary and fast foods, You’ll thank us when you see some poor shmuck dozing and drooling on their notes, a can of redbull beside him and sweeties everywhere.

 4. Take Breaks

You’re not Superman or Wonderwoman, we don’t care what the tshirt says. Take breaks, short intense study sessions are better and more effective than longer drawn out ones. Stretch your legs, get some fresh air and relax. Eat breakfast, eat lunch and if you’re going to be in late, grab something around 5/6 when your body would be expecting an evening meal.

5. Me Time

Relax, listen to music, watch some tv, walk the dog, jog, catchup with a friend, anything to break the monotony of a long day studying. It helps you realise there’s life outside study and work and notes and books.

6. Ask For Help.

Staring blankly at notes or a book waiting for divine intervention, we’ve all been there. If you’re stuck, ask for help. It’s exam season, lecturers want to help and see you pass. Email, pop up to their office, or ask a fellow classmate. Most people are happy to oblige, and two heads are better than one.

7. Bullet Points

Long pages of notes aren’t what we would advise. Short, bullet points, with buzz words and key points will help your mind get around the volume of information it has to absorb. They’re much easier to learn and not as intense.

8. Flashcards

These are brilliant, and you can take them anywhere. The next handbag accessory perhaps? We’ll leave it up to you. Much easier on the eye and the mind, and perfect for bullet points. There’s various colours and sizes. These are great the morning of the exam, but throughout the whole period. You can look at them on the bus,dart or Luas without taking up space and they are very study-friendly. They’re a good way to memorise and learn stuff off.

9. Highlight

We all love a good highlighter. Don’t go too mad now, they’re notes and books, not colouring books. Highlighters are helpful because they draw the eyes attention to they key words, phrases, points of information. Helps retain things cause even if you might not remember the information, you’ll remember the colour. Worth bringing in on the day of the exam too.

10. Comfort

Make sure your study area is how you want it. A flat surface is advised, along with a good chair. Make sure you have enough room for your notes.