In a fast-moving, consumer-driven society, sustainable fashion is the way forward. Sustainable fashion means that clothing is designed, manufactured and distributed in an eco-friendly manner. Items are of high quality to increase longevity and the treatment of workers involved in garment production is fair and ethical. In a fast-fashion world, we all need to slow our consumption and focus on the ethics and environmental impact of our purchasing habits.

As students on a tight budget, it can be tempting to fall victim to the low prices of fast-fashion. In the longer term, buying less clothing of a higher quality (slow-fashion) will serve our pockets and our morals better.

With shopping local and supporting Irish business more important than ever, here are some sustainable Irish fashion brands to fall in love with:

Pure Clothing:

Pure Clothing is based in the West of Ireland and specialises in casual wear such as t-shirts and hoodies. Their products are made from organic cotton and recycled materials and are Fair Wear approved. This means that workers involved in the manufacturing process receive a fair wage and safe working conditions. Their products are also vegan-friendly, and their packaging is biodegradable.

Fresh Cuts Clothing:

Fresh Cuts have a wide range of items including workout gear, jeans, hoodies and accessories. Their clothing is made from organic cotton and recycled polyester. They work with factories that are inspected regularly and meet ethical standards.

Ohh! By Gum:

Ohh! By Gum is a Galway boutique that features clothing for women, men and children, along with gifts, books and homeware. Their items are made from organic or recycled materials and many of their garments use natural dyes. They have vegan options available, and they use recycled packaging for shipping.


Grown was founded in Dublin in 2014. They sell clothing for women, men and children. They also sell accessories such as tote bags and mugs. They use organic fabrics and recycled man-made fabrics in their products. They also have a tree-planting initiative. You can purchase a tree which they will plant in your name, and you will receive a framed certificate as a momentum.