20th Century Fox have announced that Braveheart 2 has been given the green light and will go into production in May of this year. The sequel will be inspired by the first film, but the events will be depicting the 2014 referendum for Scottish independence. Mel Gibson has signed on to play the lead. Gibson will be portraying former Scottish National Party leader, Alex Salmond. As well as being the lead star in the film, he will also be writing and directing the sequel.

Gibson told reporters at a Los Angeles press conference “The sequel will take artistic license in order to bridge the gap of the first film, set in 13th Century, and the events of the recent referendum for Scottish independence in the 21st Century.”

“I plan to portray Alex Salmond as a distant relative of William Wallace, which will hopefully be evident in the opening scene of the film. This distortion of history will allow me to add some depth and nuance to Salmond. I will be able to give the man extra attributes that are not normally associated with him.”

“For instance, I can draw on the struggles in my own life and cathartically act them out on the screen. This will allow me to portray Salmond as a man irked by the presence of Jewish people in media and as someone who likes a stiff drink every now and then.”

The legendary and controversial director/actor went on to say “The Scottish people are like a dog chasing a car. If they got independence, they wouldn’t know what to do with it. This is in their subconscious, their DNA, and this is why they are doomed to be subjects of the throne. I, myself, am bound by the limitations of my mind. How else would you explain my absence from the new Mad Max film?”

Braveheart 2 is slated for a May 2016 release date. We will keep you up to date with development on Oxygen.ie.