When it comes to music, Ireland is pretty class, right?

U2, The Script, Thin Lizzy, Aslan… Westlife(?); for such a small island we’ve produced our fair share of cracking songs to share with the world.

However, our taste in music isn’t without fault. We at Oxygen.ie have looked back at some of the songs that have managed to reach number one in the Irish charts. 

Some of the results made for some horrific, almost embarrassing reading. Here is a look at some of the oddest ones to hit the top spot.


Everyone remembers ‘Put ‘Em Under Pressure’ even if you weren’t alive in 1990, and with good reason. It’s brilliant.

This, on the other hand, hasn’t aged so well. We can understand getting excited for something as huge as a World Cup, and wanting to catch that feeling in a bottle, but there is a reason why this isn’t remembered as fondly.

When it comes down to it, the chorus sounds like it’s been sang by lads in the pub, where is probably where the song was heard most often. Despite this, ‘Give It A Lash Jack’ topped the charts for 4 weeks in early 1990.

Italia ’90? Brilliant. Put ‘Em Under Pressure. Iconic. This? Not so much…



It is literally a song about buying a, you guessed it,  Jumbo Breakfast Roll.

And you know what? It’s a work of art! So long as there are establishments still producing these delicacies, this song should be preserved as a testament to their beauty and grace.

Given the way Pat Shortt perfectly describes the sacred process of assembling and consuming a breakfast roll, it’s no surprise that this captured the imagination of the country and shot straight to number one. It stayed there for 6 weeks and was the best selling song of 2006!

It’s odd without a doubt, but it deserved every listen it got. Just don’t play it too soon before lunch.



Apologies are in order, as we’re sure even the sight of this loathsome git has probably triggered some people reading this.

It’s no surprise, this was an abomination. The anthropomorphic frog ringtone turned dance star was inescapable during 2005 when a remixed version of ‘Axel F’ had a reign of terror at the top of the Irish charts for 5 long, hellish weeks. 

Just remember if you have any self-esteem issues; an animated frog topped the Irish charts for over a month, and not a particularly good animated frog either.  



From a frog to a turkey, has anyone been able to explain the reasoning behind our country’s love of animals in music?

This isn’t an anomaly either. Dustin the Turkey has SIX number ones! Artists toil for decades to even get close to the charts, and this lovable puppet turkey has topped the charts six times. 

‘Sweet Caroline’ was his last reign at the top of the charts where it stayed for weeks. Any one of his chart-toppers would earn a spot on this list, but who would have ever thought that  a dancing turkey crooning along to a dance remix of a Neil Diamond song is what Ireland wanted to listen to?

Even still, it’s still a better song than his Eurovision entry. 



One needs only to remember a time when Scooter was a household name to see how much times have changed in the last decade or so.

The German techno group had a number of hits during the time in which they brought techno to the masses in Ireland. ‘The Logical Song’ was their most successful outing, topping the charts with this Supertramp cover for week in the summer of 2002.

It’ll definitely get you bopping, but looking back at this song 15 years later you kind of have to ask yourself ‘what were we thinking?’



The Numa Numa song. The Numa Numa song topped the charts in Ireland for week in 2004. 

As catchy as it is, it still begs belief how a Moldovan pop song, sang in Romanian, topped the charts in Ireland and became as world famous as it is.

Of course, the song rose to prominence for many when it was featured by the ‘Numa Numa’ guy in one of YouTube’s first ever viral videos.

‘Dragostea Din Tei’ roughly translates to ‘love of the linden trees’, not that anyone knows or cares to know. All we were interested in was screaming ‘MA-YA-HI’ at the top of our voices.

2004 was a simpler time.



Before we talk about the chart-topping Under Pressure (Ice Ice Baby), let’s list a few things about Jedward.

Most people would agree their unbearably annoying, not incredibly bright and above all else, can’t really sing all that well. 

Despite all of these things, the two Dublin twins gained a cult following during their time on the X-Factor, who turned out in droves to buy this single that sent them to the top of the Irish charts where it sat for separate weeks. 

They even got Vanilla Ice to provide vocals on the track. It seems strange to say 10 years, but Jedward were one of the biggest names in Irish music just 7 years ago.

The bumbling twins haven’t been seen much lately, you’d almost miss them. Almost.



Chocolate. Salty. Balls.

A song from South Park called Chocolate Salty Balls was the most bought single in the Republic of Ireland for whole weeks in January 1999.

It doesn’t get any weirder than that. 

Daniel O’Connor