Down with this sort of thing…but seriously, careful now.

Joan Burton got hucked in the face with a water balloon over the weekend in protest to the water charges, something that ironically fueled the fire of the years hottest political potato.

The Tanaiste, who has hardly warmed herself to the public with her previous comments on the situation, took the brunt of the abuse in Jobstown, culminating in a water balloon the side of the head.

Now, we’re not condoning that type of behavior in any sense – but think rationally, people. If your government is actively looking for reasons to stop water being used, surely using it as a weapon to drench them with isn’t the way to go.

Symbolism and other such haughty concepts aren’t something this government is too receptive to.

Show some class everybody, a crudely decorated banner and a middle finger in the face will do the job just fine.



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