Sony have cleverly used the threat of warfare by North Korea upon the United States to generate interest in their failed streaming site Crackle. The company was in the middle of a crisis throughout last week with delicate emails and info being leaked from their systems, something widely through to be perpetrated by Kim Jong Un and his circle of IT heads. This led to the film being pulled from all theaters while North Korea depict the assassination of Kim Jong Un’s equivalent…


Kim Jong Un – who in the eyes of the North Korean people doesn’t urinate or defecate – has taken a royal dump on free speech by making the film get canned. However, the story doesn’t end there. Now Sony have said that they may release the film – for free – on their streaming service Crackle. Haven’t heard of it? Course you haven’t, it’s rubbish. Like Kim Jong Un, Crackle is only known for the fact that it never works and, again like Kim Jong Un, is determined to destroy its biggest enemy. Netflix.

Sony has suffered a great deal on the back of this hacking scandal, but is now looking to use what it has gone through as a strength. The company has said that there is only a small chance that North Korea will nuke every household that views The Interview on the Crackle service, it will still represent a triumph for the free world so long as each member pays their subscription fee.