It can be a daunting task to decorate your own home. It’s a sanctimonious space to relax and it’s natural for you to want it to showcase your taste and personality. A home bar is something that most people would find useful yet few people rarely put thought into decorating. It’s seen as expensive and something “grown-ups” do. This very perception however can work in your favour, making your house look all the more sophisticated despite the fact that it’s really not that difficult to decorate a home bar. 

Recycled Beer can tap and track lighting: This is a completely unique home bar décor. You can easily get the materials, and let’s admit, most of you have empty cans at your den.

Bookcase Bar: Transform your shelf into a booze-zone. Bottles and books are similar in size, making library racks great home bar furniture pieces.

Liquor Cabinet: is an excellent idea as well. It’s subtle, simple, and a pretty smooth DIY project to make your weekend productive.

Backsplash with bottle caps: Put the caps to extensive use, transforming them into stunning home bar décor rather than littering your carpet. This one renders a chic twist to classic bar styles.

Mirror Backsplash is a novel idea. In addition to the aesthetically pleasing aspect of symmetrical wine holders/fridges, you can also conveniently locate them and make good use of little spaces.

Smokey Mirrored Backsplash: produce the right pinch of formal style to your space. Customizing a storage space is another great idea. Who said small spaces cannot have chic storage solutions? You can carve out little nook and corners and fill them with a floating shelf, inbuilt shelving, and hidden mini cooler/fridge. It will make your dining area or living room look like a home bar.

Some crucial pointers

To get the feel and look of a real bar, keep it swanky. Complete the space with elaborate patterns, vibrant shades, and rich textures. It’s an ideal setting to perch for a splendid night cap or host parties. Strategic position of the place is also important.

If your kitchen is housing the home bar, put it in a proper spot.

The home bar area should be close to your dining space, making it easier to move back and forth to the entertaining area.

Dressing up the butler’s pantry is crucial to turn it into a bar. Keep it bright, light, and classic with display cabinets, white paint, and printed wallpaper.

If you need more storage and shelving, or want more space to embellish the area, put some additional shelving atop the bar stools.

You can display bar décor, artwork, wine bottles, vintage liquor bottles, or anything else that lets you personalize the remaining space.

Socialize with a proper layout. When you design your home bar, keep the clutter extremely minimal. Ensure that there’s enough space to connect your bar to the living area.

Place stylish furniture with sectional couch covers to beautify the area. It will make socializing during games, parties, and other functions much easier.

A multi-purpose bar area is a good idea. If you have space constraints, including extra dining or storage space to make it more functional. That’s where open shelving comes to the fore. It maximizes space, extending your bar’s functionality. Adding and layering the right lighting is also pivotal. Track, wall-mounted and recessed lighting are viable choices.