Well if you thought the world wasn’t crazy enough along comes this mad story concerning a Beluga whale and the Russians. Norwegian fishermen apparently found a Beluga whale fitted with a camera.

The whole Russian connection comes from the fact that the harness used to attach the camera read ‘Equipment St. Petersburg’. This is realllllyyyy weird. Spying is one thing but using whales is another.

Image- CNN

Speaking to CNN Marine Biologist Jorgen Ree Wiig said that The Russians ‘had been known to train belugas to conduct military operations before ‘. So there you have it, who would have thought you could even train a whale?

You have to feel a tad sorry for the poor whale who was apparently going up to the fishermen’s boat expecting a reward. Technology really has come a long way when you can attach a go pro to a beluga to pry on other countries secrets. It’s not quite clear what secrets the Russians were hoping to find under the seas but I suppose you never do know with them do you?