Applications are open from March 1st 2022

Awarded to the best newspaper, magazine or society publication produced by a Small College or Society. Applications for small college publication, are only acceptable from colleges with 4,000 full-time students or less. Society Publication applications are open to any society publication. Applications are also accepted from class groups, if the publication is not published for campus-wide circulation. 

Newspapers: submit two links to two issues of the newspaper published since February 2021. If you have any problems with submitting your work get in touch with us at

Magazines and society publications: submit two issues – except in cases where the publication is a once-off, submit one issue – published since February 2021.

Rules for submission for online publications/ newspapers: Fill in the online application form below and include the two links to two issues you are submitting. If you would like to send us a physical copy however, please email for details.

You can enter this category here.

Closing date for applications is March 24th 2022.