Shakira Joins Angry Birds Pop

angry birds pop shakiraShakira may be most well-known for her truth-telling hips or singing World Cup theme songs for countries she’s not even from, but for a limited time only she’ll be known as everybody’s favourite playable celebrity themed bird.

In real life, Shakira seldom flings herself at dastardly pigs to retrieve her stolen eggs, but that’s exactly what happens in the latest update for Angry Birds Pop.

Angry birds has of course seen huge success since its launch in 2009, with millions of users downloading at least one of their seventeen games. To be fair, for an app with so many sequels and spin-offs, it was only a matter of time before something like this happened. The only question that remains is how long it will be before we can start hurtling Kim K. across our screens. To be clear, I genuinely think that will happen. Kim will want a slice of the Angry Birds action, and customers would love to throw her at pigs.

shakira angry birds pop

Kind of like this, but the exact opposite

The collaboration is a clever marketing ploy and business move for both parties, as Shakira is the reigning Queen of both South American Pop Music and gay men, which as we all know are the two most important factors in the success of any business.

Shakira’s Angry Birds Pop appearance is for a limited time only, so make sure to play her while you can.



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