We are delighted that the Science Foundation of Ireland (SFI) has returned to sponsor the Journalism Relating to Science and Technology award at the 2024 National Student Media Awards.

The SFI strives to develop Ireland into one of the global leaders of scientific development and research, believing in the ability of science, technology, engineering & maths to effect positive change in the world and drive a sustainable international economy.

We at the National Student Media Awards are proud to be a part of the important work being done by the SFI by hosting the Journalism Relating to Science and Technology award.

Submission Guidelines:

The SFI Award for Journalism will be awarded to any student who was written and published an article, in any form of student media, relating to science, technology, engineering or maths – particularly where it impacts the public.

There are so many topics to investigate – from environmental issues such as water or air pollution to artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles to food scarcity, biodiversity to future energy sources, and health and wellbeing to smart manufacturing – the list is endless. Your work could include an interview with researchers on the topic you’ve chosen and should be easily understandable for any reader. 

The winning journalist in this category will receive a prize fund of €1,000 as part of the SFI Student Journalism Bursary and will be invited to write an article to be published on SFI.ie.

Your article must have been published since February 2023 – remember, that if you do not have access to a student newspaper or publication, you can email editor@oxygen.ie and Oxygen.ie will publish your article!

Submissions open 26th February 2024 and close 7th March 2024.